by Jim Durfee February 23, 2021

Ironhorse Gear is proud to announce a partnership with Lion Energy. Their roots began in helping people prepare for emergencies and becoming self-reliant. Their passion drove them to build a foundation of helping YOU obtain unmatched safety, unwavering reliability, and continual renewability advancements.

Their renowned customer service has made them a fast growing brand with an extremely loyal customer base. Their customers have complete faith and trust in all things Lion Energy because they stand behind everything that they build. No product ever leaves their shop that hasn't been thoroughly tested, battered and abused to ensure it meets their high standards.

The foundations of customer experience, safety, reliability and innovation will continue to be paramount features of the Lion family. They are dedicated to bringing you the best portable power solutions this incredible world has to offer.

Click here to learn more about the products offered by Lion Energy.

Jim Durfee
Jim Durfee


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