Ride Hard and Rest Easy with Ironhorse Gear

Ironhorse Gear is one of the country's leading providers of camping and travel gear, and is a trusted source for high-quality camping products from industry leaders.

Our customers are often motorcycle riders, but the products we carry are perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors as much as we do. We're proud to be able to manufacture our own line of high-quality tents and sleeping bags.

From tents and shelters to cooking accessories, tableware, and water filtration devices. Some of the best brands like Montana Canvas, Kodiak Canvas, Adventure Medical Kits, Grand Trunk, and more are available right here, from us.

We take the time to understand what our customers want, what they need, and what they've been getting from our competitors. After years of traveling the country, and using our own knowledge of camping, we've built an impressive portfolio of products that can provide solutions to all our customers' specific requirements.

Who We Are

Ironhorse Gear calls Cedar City, Utah, our home. Our proximity to state and national parks, mountain trails, and desert terrains has helped us understand and appreciate what our customers want and need. If you're ever in our neighborhood, swing by the shop and say hello! We'll help set you up with high-quality camping gear, and even point you to some of the best camping spots in the area.

We share your passion for the outdoors, so if you encounter any problems with your product, or simply want to learn more about a particular piece of gear, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

News and Events

Jumping Jack Trailer Partnership

by Jim Durfee May 17, 2018

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New Polaris Partnership

by Jim Durfee May 16, 2018

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Polaris Industries. Ironhorse Gear will be manufacturing tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, and all types of other outdoor furniture and accessories under the Polaris brand.

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