Safari UT 250 Battery

Lasts a lifetime.
Using lithium-ion technology the Safari UT 250 can be drained and recharged over 3,500 times. Outlasting any lead-acid battery by years. That's why we back it with a 7 Year Limited Warranty.

Maintenance? Zero.
Safari UT 250 just works. Day in and day out.
Holding a charge for 3X's longer so you can forget about the hassle.

Turbo boost engaged.
The strength of a starting battery.
The endurance of a deep cycle.
Power the heavy hitting machines with high
Amp's and keep going day after day.
The Safari UT 250 is the latest in Lithium battery technology. It replaces traditional deep cycle lead acid batteries with the safest Lithium – Iron Phosphate. It is a “plug and play”– simply remove the deep cycle lead acid battery from your RV or boat and replace it with this superior performing battery.
Battery Class - Lithium Ion

Battery Chemistry - LiFePO4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate
(also called LFP - Lithium FerroPhosphate)

Rated Capacity - 12 V / 20 Ah / 250 Wh 

Cycle Life - 3500+ & 100% DoD

Weight - 5.2 Pounds

Dimensions - 7.1” L x 3.0” W x 6.6” H

Nominal Voltage - 12.8 V
Technical Rated Capacity - 19.5 Ah

Standard Charge Current - 10 A
Max Charge Current - 30 A
Max Charge Volt - 14.6 V

Max Continuous Discharge Current - 35 A

Operation Temperature - -4 to 130 ºF
Charge Temperature - 32 to 110 ºF

Warranty - 7 Year Limited Warranty (see manual)

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