Tents & Shelter

Our tents fall into 3 different categories: Packable, Basecamp, and Trailer Tents.
- Packable Tents are made to be lightweight and compact. This makes them perfect for saddlebags or backpacking. 
- Built to be used as a home away from home, Basecamp Tents usually have space for multiple people, and the durability to withstand some of the worst elements Mother Nature can throw at you. Kodiak Canvas is known for their famous Flex-Bow Tent, and their tough-as-nails Truck Tents. CLICK HERE to be taken to our Basecamp Tents, or keep scrolling down.
- Trailer Tents are attached to the trailer body. These tents can either be set up on site at individual stops, or left set up for weeks and used as a Basecamp. We exclusively suggest Jumping Jack Trailers and we recommend them based on the many years of camping adventures we have enjoyed with them. CLICK HERE to learn more about Jumping Jack Trailers.