Sanctuary - Lithium Energy Storage System

The Lion Sanctuary Lithium Energy Storage System™ is a powerful solar inverter and energy storage system that harnesses the power of the sun to power your home, cabin, RV, or houseboat.
-Now you can power your residence in emergencies and during peak cost times, giving you peace of mind, power for your family and cost savings to your wallet.
-The new Lion Sanctuary Lithium Energy Storage System combines the efficient 8k hybrid inverter/charger with a powerful Lithium Iron Phosphate 13.5kWh battery. This combination provides true energy independence whether you are On-Grid (metered or non-metered) or Off-Grid.

Why buy the Lion Sanctuary Lithium Energy Storage System?
Lion Energy is the market leader and innovator in home energy storage systems. They provide these key benefits to their customers:
Safest on the Market – Meets the most stringent safety protocols: UL9540, which includes UL1741 for the inverter and UL1973 for the battery (lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4).
Best Economic Value – By far the most cost effective to purchase, to install and to use.
Quickest ROI – Cost less, most efficient usage.
Flexible – Can use off-grid, on-grid, metered or non-net metered.
Best Capacity Value – Can easily be expanded from 13.5kWh to 40.5kWh stored energy. Inverter ranges from 8k to 16k peak (competitors at 5k). And has an amazing high pass-through that allows for more circuits backed up and used (90A compared to 50A of competitors).

Sanctuary 13.5kWh Battery

-The energy storage component of the Lion Sanctuary Lithium Energy Storage System is a high-performing lithium iron phosphate battery that contains 13.5kWh of produced energy.
-If more stored energy is needed, upgrade to either the 27kWh or 40.5kWh options. This unit has a standard 10 year warranty with an option to upgrade to a 25 year warranty.

Standard System
8k Inverter/Charger with 13.5kWh Energy Storage. 1 Battery.
Deluxe System
8k Inverter/Charger with 27kWh Energy Storage. 2 Batteries.
Add extra energy storage capacity to the Standard Lion Sanctuary Lithium Energy Storage System.
Premium System
8k Inverter/Charger with 40.5kWh Energy Storage. 3 Batteries.
Need even more energy storage capacity? Upgrade to Premium to provide maximum capacity.

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