Canvas Bed Roll

Ironhorse Gear has partnered with Montana Canvas, the leader in Canvas products for camping, to create a bed roll that will last for many years to come. Its design allows for perfect storage on the front of your bike, and the rolled out size will fit even the biggest of bikers.

The Montana Canvas bedroll is made of durable, heavy duty untreated canvas. This gives the bedroll exceptional protection against most weather conditions. Because of its construction, the canvas remains breathable while also being weatherproof. Condensation is also reduced because of the way the canvas is stitched. This bedroll follows a tried and tested design that originated from the cowboys of the Wild West.

Measuring 46 inches wide and 96 inches long, the Montana Canvas can fit all sizes of sleeping bags. Not only does it add warmth, the bedroll also keeps your sleeping bag clean and dry. #10 YKK full length zippers run down both sides of the roll to fit a right hand or left hand zippered sleeping bag. For convenient packing, the canvas bedroll folds into a compact 8 inches by 12 inches when rolled up, making it a convenient necessity for camping.

All of Montana Canvas’s products are proudly made in the USA. With their head office located just outside Yellowstone National Park, the team at Montana Canvas knows exactly what campers need.

Their craftsmen have spent decades perfecting the art of tent and tarp making, creating high-quality and reliable products for their customers. Montana Canvas only uses top-of-the-line, Grade “A” canvas, and their heavy-duty double-needle stitching on every seam, and their enduring wax coating, makes their products dirt-proof and waterproof. Their limited lifetime warranty ensures customers that they’ll be getting a product that has no defects.

Ironhorse Gear is a proud distributor of Montana Canvas tarps and tents. Order yours today!

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